Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Martapura, the city of Diamond

Who doesn't know Martapura, a place well known by Indonesian & Foreigner Tourist, because there is an interesting tourist destination, which are diamond shopping centre and traditional diamond polishing.

Diamonds Shoping Center

At Martapura visitor will be spoiled by many kinds of diamonds which are offered by hundreds of jewelry stores located at Martapura and Cahaya Bumi Selamat Market complex.Visitor can buy jewelries with varieties price and you can take an order the diamonds with the design and size as you like.

Al Karomah Grand Mosque of Martapura

Near of city center, you cand find the biggest mosque in South Kalimantan.The name is Al Karomah Grand Mosque.With the unique design and big building.You can also find the Pasar Wadai Traditional (many kinds of Banjarese food), near Pasar Batuah (big traditional market in city).

You can visit Martapura by car, about 1 hour from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
So enjoy it..!

The Museum Of Lambung Mangkurat

Located at city center of Banjarbaru city, about 35 kilometers from Banjarmasin (the capital of South Kalimantan province).The museum keep many kinds of historical and cultural inheritance and the profile of South Kalimantan.The collection of museum consist of Banjar Kingdom legacy, Archaeological site of Agung and Laras Temple, tools made by stone and household of Banjarese Houses.

You can visiting the museum by car or mini bus from Pal 6 Bus station in Banjarmasin City.


This is one of attractive destinations for adventure and pleasure.There are many kinds of object for adventure.Dayak People Traditional Village, Bamboo Rafting (the top favored by tourist), the range of Maratus mountain , Mount Kentawan, Haratai Waterfall, Aruh Ganal (Dayak’s people traditional ceremonial), Tanuhi Hotwater, etc.
The genuiness of the nature, it’s fresh air, clear water at Amandit River flow surrounding Loksado area.

The range of Meratus Mountain

Bamboo Rafting at Amandit River

Haratai Waterfall

Mount Kentawan

Mount Kentawan is known as the Symbol of Loksado area cause it’s location can be seen from all side.
Every day, you cand find the tourist from around the world.Because the Loksado is one of favorite places for adventure.

Located at Loksado Sub District, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, South Kalimantan.From Banjarmasin city about 3 hours or 165 kilometers by car or mini bus.About Rp. 35.000.You can find any hotel at Loksado, like Muara Hatip Lodge, Tanuhi Cottage, and Wisma Loksado.Room rate 150.000 rupiah up to 250.000 rupiah.

By Nasrudin Ansori.

Diamond Traditional Mining

Located at Pumpung Village of Cempaka Sub District, Banjarbaru city.Its about 1 hour from Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan province.

You can find the unique and traditional mining of diamond.Sometimes, you can see the diamond at the mining location.As a unique tourist destination, the tourist also able to buy many kinds of precious stones here.Diamond can be made as part of jewelries such as Ring, Necklace. Etc.

Kuin Floating Market

The market where selling and buying done on a little boat named Jukung, its’s bigger than Canoe.And goods which sold are daily need of household.It can be reached around 20 minutes trip starting in front of Governor Office and city center of Banjarmasin by Klotok (local traditional boat).You must to go early in the morning to Kuin Floating Market in order to see the unique of the market, because it opens from 5 pm to 7 am.Located at Barito River (one of biggest and longest river in Indonesia).
Near Kuin Floating market, you can visiting the monkey island.The name is Pulau Kembang.About 10 minute from Kuin Floating Market by Klotok.There many kinds of trees and monkeys.

You can rent the Klotok with some money, about 100.000 Rupiah.One of Klotok driver is Mr.Madi.You can calling on 081348472908.

Have a nice trip @ the city of thousand rivers..